Live chat, November 1st at 11 am EST.

The most anticipated top ten of the year, Canada’s Best New Restaurants, goes live on October 28th, at 6am EST, so set your alarms early and read all about it. Then on November 1st, at 11am EST join us for a live chat with Sarah Musgrave, the food critic who penned this years Canada’s Best New Restaurants and enRoute’s editor-in-chief, Ilana Weitzman.
What was your favourite restaurant to open this year? Which city will take the top honours for 2010? How many times do you have to eat at the same restaurant before you can judge it? Does being a food writer mean you never, ever cook at home?
If you’ve ever had questions about Canada’s Best New Restaurants or what it takes to be a food critic, submit your questions now via Facebook or Twitter. You can also send your questions to or leave them in the Comments section of this page. We’re looking forward to hearing from you!

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Friday, October 29th 2010 18:46

I was wondering how Sarah Musgrave got her "big break" in food writing. As a
writer myself I'm having a hard time getting into a publication since most
places already have a food writer (mainly a restaurant reviewer, though I
often prefer to write other kinds of food articles as I do on my blogs
Multiculturiosity and
Interculturiosity. I currently
write for Midnight
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