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10 Most Instagrammed Attractions in the World

Netherlands-based online travel company TravelBird has released a new study of the most popular places to snap a photo in the world. From Disneyland to Oktoberfest, here are the top 10.


Photo: Disney

1. Disneyland

14,615,952 tags

Disney’s original theme park in Anaheim, California has had 750 million guests since it first opened its doors on July 17, 1955. But visitors aren’t just sharing photos of Mickey and Minnie. Interesting architecture, lush landscaping and scenes straight out of your favourite childhood movie – think Cinderella Castle – are perfect photo backdrops.

Eiffel Tower

Photo: Y Nakanishi (Creative Commons)

2. Eiffel Tower

7,253,011 tags

The most recognizable landmark in France’s capital city, this 324-metre-tall wrought iron tower was the tallest structure in the country for almost a century and currently holds bragging rights for its most-photographed spot. The best place to get a photo of the tower against the Parisian skyline is Place du Trocadéro – the site of the Palais de Chaillot – while solo shots of the Dame de Fer are best achieved at Champ-de-Mars, a park located southeast of the tower.

Walt Disney World

Photo: Disney

3. Walt Disney World

5,465,098 tags

The second Disney property on the list, Orlando's Disney World spans 40 square miles and consists of four parks and 27 hotels. The entire resort is roughly the size of San Francisco, and there are approximately 250,000 people on the property on any given day. Skip the crowds by making an early-morning reservation at Crystal Palace or Cinderella’s Royal Table, which open an hour before the park opens.

South Beach, Florida

Photo: Timothy Wildey (Creative Commons)

4. South Beach, Florida

4,689,396 tags

There’s plenty to see and do (and Instagram) in this Miami neighbourhood, thanks to its stellar restaurant scene, bustling nightlife and stretches of white-sand beaches. Design obsessives will love the art deco district, home to some of the city’s most stunning architecture, including retro-chic boutique hotels that were built in the 1920s and ‘30s.

Berlin Wall

Photo: J. Hohmuth (Berlin Wall Foundation)

5. Berlin Wall

4,595,501 tags

As of 2017, the Berlin Wall has been a memorial site and museum for 27 years, almost the same number of years that it divided East Germany and West Germany. With its lush landscaping, minimalist chapel and abundant art and graffiti, it’s a thought-provoking tribute to freedom and human rights.

Las Vegas Strip

Photo: Graeme Maclean (Creative Commons)

6. Las Vegas Strip

3,653,548 tags

If there were ever a place that epitomized the idea that bigger is better, it’s Vegas and, more specifically, the Strip. More than 42 million people visited the desert city in 2016, and we’re betting most of them stayed on this flashy stretch of South Las Vegas Boulevard, home to sprawling buffet restaurants, neon signs – Vegas Vic, the neon cowboy that overlooks Fremont Street, is the world’s largest – and 19 of the 25 biggest hotels in America.

Big Ben

Photo: MartinHots (Creative Commons)

7. Big Ben

2,561,617 tags

An iconic part of London’s skyline, Big Ben is famed for its accuracy, thanks to a stack of coins on the pendulum, and its reliability. (When a bomb destroyed nearby buildings during World War II, Big Ben kept striking.) The nickname Big Ben refers to the 13-tonne bell housed inside Elizabeth Tower at London’s Houses of Parliament, not the tower itself. Score a photo of this historical landmark from the London Eye.

Times Square

Photo: Michael Grimm

8. Times Square

2,560,272 tags

Set at the intersection of Broadway and 7th Avenue in New York City, this junction is all about the bright lights. In 2013, a group of computer science enthusiasts at New York University estimated it would cost $368,291,070 a year to run the famous square, thanks, in no small part, to the neighbourhood’s gigantic electricity bill.

Notre-Dame de Paris

Photo: Dave Wilson (Creative Commons)

9. Notre-Dame de Paris

2,517,129 tags

This medieval Paris cathedral, built over the course of two centuries, soars 35 metres in the air, and a 13-tonne bell (called the Emmanuel bell) is housed in its south tower. About 13 million people from all over the world visit Notre-Dame every year. To snap the best photos, visit early in the morning from Tuesday to Friday.


Photo: sanfamedia (Creative Commons)

10. Oktoberfest

2,262,885 tags

A Bavarian Volksfest is part beer festival, part fun fair, and every fall, Munich hosts the world’s largest: Oktoberfest. Revellers drink about 6 million litres of local Munich beer over the course of the festival, but it didn’t start as a beer-related event. Originally held in 1810 to celebrate Prince Ludwig’s marriage to Princess Therese von Sachsen-Hildburghausen, the first festival kicked off in October (hence the name). Modern-day Oktoberfest starts in September to take advantage of the warmer weather and wraps up on the first weekend in October.


Visit TravelBird to see the full study results. 



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