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What’s your travel essential?

“My skateboard. I bring it wherever I tour.” - Ben Harper, musician

“Epsom salts. It’s the only thing I bring with me for a sense of comfort.” - Gillian Anderson, actress

“I used to be big on noise-cancelling headphones, but now I just bring Mack’s silicone earplugs, which take the shape of your ear.” - Alex Strohl, photographer

“Damascan Rose Facial Treatment. It’s nice to have a to have a luxurious face oil, especially when I’m travelling in the wintertime.” - Martha Wainwright, singer/songwriter

In my carry-on you’ll find….

“A plastic zippered bag from Muji packed with my vitamins and wellness remedies, like mint tea and ginger chews.” - Bobbi Brown, cosmetics guru

“Power cords, baby wipes and anti-anxiety medication. I’m not a great flyer.” - Andrew Alexander, Co-Owner and CEO of Second City; TV and Theatre Producer

“A sleep mask, peppermint lip balm and the Buddhify app for guided meditation.” - Michele Romanow, entrepreneur and Dragon’s Den star

“Roll-on Ginger Flight Therapy oil by Aespo, and Yogi Green tea.” - Roopal Patel, Fashion Director of Saks Fifth Avenue

“Wipes. Since having a child, I clean everything with them.” - Marilou Champagne, creative director and founder of Three Times a Day

What’s your packing style?

“I only do carry-on. And I never miss an opportunity to speed things up, so I bring my own customs cards for the United States - you can get a few at a time from a flight attendant - completely filled out and ready to go.” - Scott McGillivray, HGTV host

“Pack light, but bring lots of extra socks and underwear. And never do anything you wouldn’t do at home.” - Shawn Barber, world-champion pole vaulter

“If I have an early flight, I’ll pack the night before, which usually means jamming the essentials into my bag.” - P.K. Subban, NHL defenceman

“I travel light. I don’t have a lot of material possessions. Maybe it’s because of how we moved here; everything we owned fit into two suitcases.” - Dale Curd, host of Hello, Goodbye

How do you deal with jet lag?

“I go to bed early and wake up early on the west coast because I travel to the east on a regular basis, and it helps me keep my internal clock in sync. And I eat as cleanly as I can on the road: a lot of sushi and greens and I drink a lot of water.” - Adam Kreek, Olympic gold medal rower

“After a long flight, I keep my compression gear on, put my feet in an ice bath if they’re swollen and drink way more water than I feel like I want to.” - Kirsten Wicklund, BC Ballet

“Travel is hard on the skin, so I drink as much water as I can. I also eat the things I would at home, like vegetables. And to maintain my overall health while I travel I take chlorophyll supplements.” - Anna Wallner, TV producer

And last but not least…

“Don’t leave the TV remote control on the room-service tray.” – Tiga, DJ