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In Good Company: Air Canada at the Maple Leaf Ball

Our social columnist rubs elbows with Mike Myers and other prominent Canadians at the Maple Leaf Ball in New York.

This year’s Maple Leaf Ball, held in New York’s glamorous Mandarin Oriental Hotel ballroom, gave guests an excuse to “party on.” Legendary actor and comedian Mike Myers was honoured with the Canadian Association of New York’s Arts & Letters Award, a long-standing prize for prominent Canadians who have made their mark internationally. The New York City resident’s recent memoir, Canada, offers a funny and affectionate analysis of his home and native land. Air Canada was the lead sponsor of the 2017 Maple Leaf Ball fundraiser, coinciding with Canada’s 150th anniversary.

Maple Leaf Ball: Helena McGregor and Mark McGregor

Helena McGregor and Mark McGregor, Managing Director, RBC Capital Markets.

Maple Leaf Ball: Mike Myers with Paul Shaffer

Honouree Mike Myers with Paul Shaffer.

Maple Leaf Ball: Jennifer Hempel and Tyley Ross

Jennifer Hempel, Director, Advertising and Promotion at Carnegie Hall, with Grammy-nominated recording artist Tyley Ross, who performed on the night.

Maple Leaf Ball: Daniel Ages and Krista Demirdache

Daniel Ages, Senior Counsel, National Hockey League, and Krista Demirdache, Architect.

Maple Leaf Ball: Mike Myers and Basia Bulat

Mike Myers and musician Basia Bulat.

Maple Leaf Ball: Dean Keyworth with Nicole Narayan, Rohan Narayan, Courtney Langer and Frank Lambrinos

Left to Right: Canadian Association of New York president Dean Keyworth with Nicole Narayan, Rohan Narayan, Courtney Langer and CANY Treasurer Frank Lambrinos.

Maple Leaf Ball: Ashleigh Banfield and Chris Haynor

Ashleigh Banfield and Chris Haynor.

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