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Dirt biking in France’s Ardèche woods as a teen fuelled Alex Strohl’s interest in adventure and photography. And when he experienced four Canadian seasons for the first time after moving to Quebec to study graphic design, he was hooked. Now based in Whitefish, Montana, Strohl shoots his mountain exploits (for his 1.8 million Instagram followers) and collaborates with brands like Land Rover and Canon. We caught up with him before a trip to the French Pyrenees.

Alex Strohl

What’s your packing style?
Minimal. And I’m a folder.

Why did you choose Whitefish?
My dad studied in Missoula, Montana, and used to come skiing here, so I grew up hearing stories about this region. My wife and I wanted a mountain town because we photograph the outdoors, but on top of just being a cool place, Whitefish has that family connection.

How much time do you spend on the road?
Roughly eight months of the year, for both work and personal travel. We spend a lot of time in the U.S. because there’s so much geographical variety, from the Everglades to Alaska. We usually go to Europe for the summer. But then we may take trips to Chile and New Zealand as well.

Most extreme thing you’ve done for a shot?
I was flying with my team over the Knik Glacier in Alaska when we spotted a big blue lagoon – these lagoons form randomly and can collapse at any point, so we weren’t sure if anyone had ever paddled it before. We returned by helicopter with two kayaks and two mountain bikes. Once the helicopter dropped us, we were on the ice and could hear the glacier cracking and moving. That lagoon is probably gone by now.

What’s your advice for capturing great travel shots?
I would actually recommend keeping your camera in the bag at first, and just observing. After it all settles in, photograph whatever you find most interesting.



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