Photos: Michael Gozum

The upscale sports bar is an oxymoron no more. Toronto is home to “the city’s classiest steakhouse and sports bar”: Meating @ the Bottomline, owned by former NHL goalie Wayne Cowley. Atlanta’s Buckhead district boasts Dantanna’s, complete with spacious bar, outdoor patio and fully stocked cigar lounge (plasma TVs included). And in Scottsdale, the Fox Sports Grill is outfitted with champagne-hued leather sofas, a nine-hole putting green on the back patio and a private dining room worthy of a five-family sit-down.

Dantanna’s 3400 Around Lenox Dr., #304, Atlanta, 404-760-8873,
Fox Sports Grill 16203 N. Scottsdale Rd., Scottsdale, Arizona, 480-368-0369,
Meating @ the Bottomline 22 Front St. W., Toronto, 416-362-7585,


Just Drink It!

If you thought sports drinks were a modern-day phenomenon, here’s a little history lesson to sweat over. For starters, Japanese Calpis (sold as Calpico in the U.S.) is the world’s first lactobacillic, milk-based drink. After sampling sour milk during a trip to Mongolia in 1902, founder Kaiun Mishima was inspired to create this uncarbonated beverage, which nowadays comes (thankfully) in flavours ranging from original tangy sweet to lychee. Calpis is marketed for the entire family, and with its high calcium content, it’s also a post-workout favourite. Otherwise, hugely popular throughout much of Asia, the oddly named Pocari Sweat bills itself as the energy drink of choice for athletes. But for those in the know, it’s also considered the perfect hangover tonic after one too many saketinis.

Signature Drink: The Great Caesar

Photo: Lindsay Allen

Wayne Gretzky’s eponymous restaurant and bar in Toronto may be a shameless shrine to the hockey god – serving up family recipes like Grandma Gretzky’s perogies with bacon and caramelized onions, and a slow-cooked, Dijon-rubbed meatloaf – but it also takes the classic Caesar recipe above and beyond.  

Wayne Gretzky’s Restaurant 99 Blue Jays Way, Toronto, 416-348-0099,

In a highball glass rimmed with lemon pepper, pour 1 oz regular vodka and 1 oz lemon vodka on ice. Pour a generous serving of Clamato juice over top and garnish with a spicy pickled green bean, 3 olives and a dash of lemon and lime.