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Are You a Trendivore?

Two comical bloggers review the coolest foods of 2018.

Lab-made meat burger

Tomorrow, today

The lab-made meat burger is on its way. Soon. In the meantime, it’s fashionable to keep repeating that lab-made meat is on its way. The next frontier? A 3-D-printed bun.

Okanagan Valley coconuts

So close, yet so far

Three simultaneous trends: authentic international cuisine, far out spices and… hyperlocal sourcing. That’s good news for Okanagan Valley coconut growers!

Polynesian cultures

Can you hear the tiki-tiki boom-boom?

Just how many different Polynesian cultures can be copied at the same time? Let’s check in with that alcohol-spiked pineapple juice you’re enjoying out of a miniature Easter Island moai head.


Fast fashion

Paleo is so passé: People are hungry for fasting. And hungry, period. Apparently, the gastro-probiotic-intestinal benefits are worth the discomfort, which you can tell us all about while we eat your portion.

Poké bowls

Bowled over

In 2018, the plate was like the white rhinoceros: an endangered species. Everything was in a bowl, and everything was poké. Kraft Dinner + a can of tuna? Poké.


1. Done and dusted

Everything comes in a powder now: matcha, maca, yeast, even crickets. Itch healtchy, but itch leafs your moutch dry.

2. Delicious compost

Tragedy strikes! Zero-waste vegans have nothing left to compost! Care for a little more celery-stalk and kiwi-peel salad to ease the pain?

3. Gold plate

Gold on sushi, chicken, Japanese Kit Kats… Is King Midas making dinner? And to think we call millennials overindulgent for splurging on avocado toast.

4. Break the cycle

Food trends are born, reach adolescence, die young and sometimes contradict themselves. Out: kombucha. In: fermentation. Make up your mind!