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Argentinian Dulce de Leche Is Creamy, Milky and Just What You Need

Passport Editor Dominique Lamberton brings back dulce de leche and a newfound love of Argentinian treats.

Chimbote Dulce de Leche

Photo: Mathieu Lévesque; prop stylist: Roxanne Chagnon

“Leading up to a trip to Buenos Aires, I was naturally excited about red wine and steak — but once I got there, the sweets outshone them both. It’s all thanks to the creamy, milky caramel known as dulce de leche. It fills buttery croissants (medialunas), infuses velvety flan and takes ice cream to the next level. I knew I had to bring some home, so I was delighted when I stumbled upon Dulce de Leche & Co., a small shop on a leafy street in the Palermo Soho neighbourhood, its shelves lined with more than 50 varieties, along with caramels, sandwich cookies (alfajores) and liqueurs. I settled on Chimbote because of its retro pack­aging — and the goods inside didn’t disappoint. I could pretend I swirled it into buttercream frosting or layered it in a chocolate cake, but if I’m being honest, most of it was eaten right off a spoon.”

Chimbote Dulce de Leche, AR$260 (around $9) for 1 kg
José Antonio Cabrera 5061, Buenos Aires,