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Souvenir from Berlin: Ampelmännchen Stationery Set

Stock up on Ampelmännchen paraphernalia, featuring Berlin's iconic traffic characters.


Berlin’s beloved traffic characters, the Ampelmännchen, have been shepherding pedestrians for nearly 50 years. Designed by traffic psychologist Karl Peglau in East Berlin, the friendly figures with wide-brimmed hats reached cult status after the fall of the Wall. Today, drop by the Ampelmann Restaurant for a meal, or pay a visit to one of the eight Ampelmann shops and take one of these little guys home in the form of gummy candies or printed on stationery.

Ampelmann small notebook, €4; graphite pencil, €2; rubber eraser, €2
Flagship shop, Unter den Linden 35, 49-30-42-02-75-56
Restaurant, Stadtbahnbogen 159/160, 49-30-84-71-07-09



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