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Top 7 New Restaurants in Winnipeg, Canada’s Most Overlooked Food Destination

Our guide to the tastiest Canadian food you never knew existed.


Segovia remains one of Winnipeg’s busiest dining rooms—and be warned: it does not take reservations—due to its earthy take on Spanish tapas. The homey restaurant serves traditional plates, like patatas brava or chorizo and peppers, but for the best experience, order a few items from the ever-changing list of contemporary dishes.
What to eat: Barbecued pickerel with curried nut granola and celeriac remoulade
What to drink: One of the Sherries from Segovia’s impressive Sherry list
Opened: 2009
Owners: Adam Donnelly and Carolina Konrad
Contact: 484 Stradbrook Ave., Winnipeg, 204-477-6500,



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Sue Heffernan

Monday, June 1st 2015 09:56
Great story on Winnipeg restaurants. We go to Boon Burger every time we're in Winnipeg (have been to both locations several times). Fabulous food!

Brian Book

Monday, June 1st 2015 11:48
Surprised not to see Fusian Experience on the list. A 5 star rating from the super stingy newspaper critic. A must when in Winnipeg. By the way I agree with 5 of you other voices. You might also try Viva
For incredible Vietnamese.


Tuesday, June 2nd 2015 20:27
Segovia- have the gin and tonic, Made with lime sorbet!


Wednesday, June 3rd 2015 14:27
Highly recommend anyone and everyone check out Boon if you're in Winnipeg or Barrie. Moved to Toronto a few years ago and missed their Buffalo Chick'n Burger like crazy. Drove out to Barrie a few weeks back and it was just as good! Have taken tons of non-vegans there and every single one of them has loved it.

Kathryne Grisim

Thursday, August 27th 2015 17:15
Dan Clapson is right on as always. He knows how to eat, he knows how to write and his photos make me drool! He is an ever-present supporter of Winnipeg's culinary scene as we Winnipeggers tend to look for outside accolades of what we know is an exciting and vibrant community.


Saturday, October 24th 2015 10:19
Great story and a nice selection of local dining destinations. I have eaten in most of them and they are all fabulous. Your comment that Winnipeg was, before these destinations, a "meat and potatoes" town shows that you have little understanding of Winnipeg's marvellously diverse culinary scene -/- something we owe to our marvellously diverse population. Winnipeggers have long been fortunate in being able to enjoy great food from nearly every corner of the globe -- Thai, Vietnamese, Laotian, East Indian, Japanese, Midfle Eatern, Filipino, Chinese, Ukrainian, Italian, Persian, and Ethiopian, to mention only a few. To neglect these glorious and often very affordable restaurants is to do a serious disservice to Winnipeg's amazing and longstanding culinary scene. We are a seriously spoiled bunch of foodies here and this did not start six years ago because we all suddenly caught up with Toronto, abandoned our roast beef dinners and got with the gourmet food scene. You can experience amazingly affordable food from an astounding variety of ethnic groups and it has probably been that way for 30 years.


Saturday, January 23rd 2016 13:59
All pretty predictable.

Katherine S.

Wednesday, February 24th 2016 11:15
This Little Place, 101-77 Edmonton St., in the heart of downtown Winnipeg just south of Broadway Ave. The most delicious soups you could ever imagine, especially the meatball soup, and innovative and scrumptious sandwiches.
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