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These Three Scavenger Hunts Will Keep You on Your Toes

From London's Natural History Museum to the mountains of Vermont, it's scavenger-hunting season.


Photo: Yeo Khee/Unsplash

1. Breadcrumbs


Forget The Da Vinci Code: All you need is the Breadcrumbs app to race around six of the city’s most beloved museums and attractions guided by riddles, puzzles and cryptic messages. You might have a eureka moment at the Science Museum or find treasure next to the infamous cursed amethyst in the Natural History Museum’s Vault gallery.

Green Mountain Adventure Challenge

Photo: Emma Stone

2. Green Mountain Adventure Challenge

West Dover, Vermont

Pack your bug spray and compass (if you’re a keener), and head into the woods for the two- to three-day Green Mountain Adventure Challenge that runs until Labour Day. This year’s hiking hunt is inspired by the Green Mountain Boys, an 18th-century militia that banded together to fight for Vermont’s independence. While finishing isn’t guaranteed, the sights you’ll explore along the way, like the idyllic Pikes Falls swimming hole, make it well worth the effort.

3. Mystery Town Tours

Canmore, Alberta

Discover the Rocky Mountain town by searching for opera singer Melody Coal, who’s stuck in an old mine. Don’t worry, it’s only a miner threat: She’s a fictional character invented by Mystery Town Tours. The 3½-hour trek will take you to Melody’s favourite spots, from mountain viewpoints to Main Street shops, via clues sent to your phone. Turns out she has a taste for local craft beer.