1 The Whitener

Why rely on toothpaste to clean and whiten your teeth when a brush with a light-activated titanium rod can do the trick?  

Soladey Eco Ionic Toothbrush, $29.99, aviva.ca

2 The All-in-One

Declutter your carry-on with one sleek capsule packed with a refil­lable toothpaste chamber, replaceable bristle head and watertight cap – all in one.  

OHSO Travel Toothbrush, $16.70, go-ohso.com

3 The Power Brush

No matter where you are, it only takes a battery and 20,000 vibrations per minute to break the pla­que barrier.

Design Go Sonic Travel Toothbrush, US$30, goinginstyletravelaccessories.com

4 The Next Generation

Feel like you’ve just seen the hygienist, thanks to the nano-silver in these bristles that elevates brushing to a science.

Mouth Watchers Nano-Silver Toothbrush, $4.99, mouthwatchers.net

5 The Sanitizer

Make a case for freshness with a brush sanitizer that blasts bac­teria with UV light in only six minutes.

Violight Personal / Travel Toothbrush Sanitizer, US$29.95, violight.com