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Malmö on Any Budget

From falafel to a festive smorgasbord, here’s how to balance your budget in the Swedish city.


Lilla Kafferosteriet

Photo: Alexander Ruas (Lilla Kafferosteriet)

Lilla Kafferosteriet ($$$)
The smell of freshly roasted beans lures coffee nerds into this 17th-century house, where fika – the art of the Swedish coffee break – has taken on a third-wave flavour. Grab a seat in the back garden; if the spicy Indonesian Permata Gayo and monster slice of carrot cake don’t keep you warm, the café’s thick wool blankets will.

Baltzarsgatan 24, 46-40-48-20-00


Simpan ($)
At this laid-back spot, Malmö’s students, activists and arty types linger past midnight over lattes and microbrews with a soundtrack of live folk acts. Stop by the Möllevången coffee shop – Möllan, to locals, one of the city’s most culturally diverse neighbourhoods – on a Saturday afternoon and visit the farmers’ market nearby.

Simrishamnsgatan 3, 46-40-611-17-55

Middle East Food

Falafel Baghdad

Photo: Theo Hagman-Rogowski (Falafel Baghdad)

Laziza ($$$)
This mezze-style lunch place is a favourite among the city’s many Middle Eastern transplants for its dozens of Lebanese specialties. Served from a long central table, the fresh tabbouleh, creamy hummus, warm thyme-topped manakish and other veggie-friendly dishes make Laziza popular with vegetarians, too.

Baltzarsgatan 21, 46-40-97-08-00


Falafel Baghdad ($)
Since its introduction in the 1980s by Iraqi and Lebanese immigrants, Malmö’s been on a falafel roll – over 50 restaurants dish out the little fried chickpea balls. In a city-wide competition, Falafel Baghdad placed first for its crispy falafel, topped by a choice of six sauces, including garlicky tarator and savoury mango chutney.

Österportsgatan 2A, 46-73-984-41-22



Photo: Theo Hagman-Rogowski (Rådhuskällaren)

Rådhuskällaren ($$$)
Indulge in a 70-item julbord deep in the former town hall (built in 1546). Available starting November 25, this festive smörgåsbord of Swedish specialties is a favourite: cured salmon, creamed kale, the ubiquitous meatballs, and lutfisk – dried whitefish treated with lye and then rehydrated – for the truly adventurous.

Kompanigatan 5, 46-40-790-20


Systrar & Bröder ($)
For a well-stocked breakfast buffet, head to this cozy family-owned café and bakery. The tables overflow with classic smörgåsbord dishes like pickled herring, cold-cut ham, salami, sausage and cheese, accompanied by fluffy white buns and scones straight from the oven. Be there early – they open at 7:30 a.m. during the week – to beat the crowds.

Östra Rönneholmsvägen 26, 46-40-97-34-70



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