Everyone likes cool gadgets, but find one you can legitimately call a business necessity and you’ve got a clear win-win situation on your hands. Since smart phones and their myriad applications have started to take over the world, it’s become a tad more difficult to find the really neat ones in all the web 2.0 jumble. With that in mind, we’ve done the research for you. 


What the H1 Handy Recorder may lack in flash, it makes up for in quality and usability. A palm-sized, studio-quality microphone with a USB port that allows you to easily transfer audio files to your computer, it’s perfect for recording meetings and sharing them with out-of-town/stuck-in-traffic colleagues. consider investing in Nuance’s Dragon dictation products. Available for PCs and Macs, this software doesn’t just transcribe, but allows you to control your entire computer by voice commands. They’ve even recently introduced hands-free applications for iPhones and Blackberries to help you email and text while on the go. Equally useful is the portable Doxie scanner. Incredibly compact, Doxie scans papers and photos to your PC or Mac desktop or can send them directly to Google Docs, iPhoto, Acrobat and more. In the office or on the road, these gadgets could prove indispensable. 


Practical is all fine and good (and practical) but what if you’ve got some files to take with you, you’re wearing a suit and you wouldn’t be adverse to coming off like James Bond? Ravi Rattan’s USB Flash Drive Cufflinks can store 2 GB each, are engraveable and, fittingly, come in gunmetal and gold finishes. Almost as Double-Oh-Seven is the LaCie Rugged Safe, a PC and Mac compatible hard drive that is virtually indestructible and features 128–bit encryption. But the coolest thing about it has to be the biometric authentication technology that allows up to 10 users access to your data with a swipe of their fingerprints.


Something has to charge all these gadgets. Look no further than the t’Light. This sleek LED desk light can power up several smart phones at once, plus your laptop and iPod. But what about when you forget to plug everything in before going to sleep? If you bike to work, you’re in luck. Dahon’s BioLogic ReeCharge plugs into a standard dynamo bike hub (which Dahon also sells) so you and you devices can get to the office all charged up and ready to go. 


This one might not be strictly a “business gadget”, but the Ferrari Wireless GT Cockpit 430 Scuderia Edition is a top-of-the-line steering wheel for PlayStation 3 and PC. Since it’s wireless, it hides easily hidden under your desk. And surely it would sharpen up those driving skills, helping you get to work earlier. While we’re at it, Ferrari also makes their own version of the Segway, which would be a perfect gadget for getting you to lunch and back faster.