Globetrotting business people know how much work needs to get done before the big meeting. Flying first class might give you a head start but the experienced business traveler knows that some airports now offer a working environment that can function as a proper office-away-from-the-office. For those of us who are never truly off the clock, here are 4 airports with a little something extra to offer the sky-bound worker…

Dubai International Airport

Best feature: The private immigration and customs stations

Reflecting Dubai’s ever-increasing prominence as one of the world’s busiest centers of commerce, Dubai International Airport’s Executive Flight Services Terminal is practically unrivalled in its care for the executive-level traveller. Their VIP approach means that the EFS terminal has its own immigration and customs stations for those in a rush, a fully equipped business and conference centre, and to get your stopover off on the right foot, a limousine service between aircrafts and the terminal. 

Denver International Airport

Best feature: Boulder Beer Company

Everyone knows that some of the most productive business meetings happen over drinks. The old stand-by used to be a couple of stiff martinis, shaken not stirred, but sometimes something a little lighter (especially if there’s a long flight in the near future) is called for. At Denver International, look no further than the Boulder Beer Tap House, which offers high-end pub food but specializes in serving up their own micro-brews, like the Hazed & Infused Dry Hopped Ale or the appropriately named Pass Time Pale Ale. Share a couple of these small-batch beers and lock down the deal while your handshake is still firm. 

Kansai International Airport

Best feature: Its Relaxation Garden

Anyone who’s had to face an early morning meeting after a long flight knows that sometimes the most important pre-meeting prep work is making sure you’re properly refreshed. While other airports offer showers and comfortable chairs (which Kansai does), few can compete with Kansai’s appropriately named “Relaxation Garden” which offers foot, facial and full-body massages. Pop in for a quick 10 minute session or spring for the intensive 1 hour total body, mind and soul recharge. 

Edmonton International Airport

Best feature: Air Canada Maple Leaf Lounge

It’s no secret that Alberta’s profile in the international business market is on the rise, so it makes sense that the Edmonton International Airport has put a premium on taking care of its business-oriented customers. Though it boasts workstations throughout the airport, their Air Canada Maple Leaf Lounge is your best bet. It features wireless internet, a Hewlett Packard business centre, and if you can unattach yourself momentarily from your Blackberry or iPhone, several Cell-Free quiet zones where you can read from their selection of newspapers and magazines in peace. Access to all of Air Canada’s Maple Leaf Lounges is free for members of the Maple Leaf Club and select ticket holders, but can also be purchased by any traveler through their online booking up to 24 hours before their flight.