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Business Travel: An Interview with Patrick Nangle

The president and CEO of Purolator gives us his top tips on business and business travel

Patrick Nangle

Patrick Nangle grew up and worked in London, Ontario, before embarking on a career in the postal industry that spanned three continents, two decades and, by his count, more than 3,000 flights. Now back in Canada as CEO of Purolator, he's hoping to deliver the company to new heights.

1. Always listen to the customer. It's the only way to a sustainable business.

2. My eureka moment was when I realized that we're not just moving boxes. It's really about what's inside the box; we're delivering promises. That responsibility is what motivates me here at Purolator.

3. In my carry-on you'll find a gluten-free Elevate Me Bar (made in Vancouver), my eyeshades for power napping and a NEXUS card.

4. What I had to learn on the fly How to motivate people. That came from observation and experience, and I had some very good mentors.

5. My go-to gadget is the TED Talks app on my iPhone. They're so inspiring and great to watch when I travel.

6. Window or aisle? Aisle. It's easier to get out and stretch.

7. My business mantra is also my personal mantra. Be open and honest. Don't hesitate to tell the truth even when it's difficult.

8. The biggest risk I ever took was leaving a secure job as an auditor in my hometown to pursue a career in international business. It was a leap of faith.

9. Best place for a business lunch? Acme Cafe, in Gastown, Vancouver – it's friendly and unpretentious. I always get the cassoulet.

10. In business, now's a good time to be on board with e-commerce.



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