Granola meets grain merchant on Lilac Street, an area known for its restaurants, indie boutiques and Winnipeg-in-its-heyday mansions.

By Karen Burshtein

10:00 At café-bakery Bread & Circuses, the tie-dyed serving team welcomes the retired Walter Matthau-type regulars who lord over the round table.

11:30 A bumper crop of new boutiques, including Phillip Adam for cult grooming products, Cha Cha Palace and Chic Clothing have joined such fixtures as Beyond Flowers, Gallery Lacosse and the Green Scene. The Lilac/Corydon intersection is nostalgia-happy: Witness an independent hardware store, haberdashery and Phil’s Barber Shop. Around the corner the paint has hardly dried at trendy clothing shop F&Q.

13:00 The lunch bunch books ahead at glass-lined Gluttons for culinary trailblazer Makoto Ono’s international fare.

16:00 Uniformed students from St. Mary’s Academy have switched their afternoon Kit Kat habit to hot chocolate at nouveau chocolate shop Coco Pod.

17:00 What’s with all the po-mo renovations of the neighbourhood’s postwar duplexes and bungalows? Check out the controversial aluminum-clad look before strolling by the history-loaded mansions around Kingsway, Ruskin Row and Wellington Crescent (two were owned by Titanic victims) and pretty Munson Park.

19:00 Cufflinked carnivores meet at 529 Wellington, a swank steak house in a restored mansion. Bartender Jaimie’s memory is eerily good; don’t be surprised when he suggests the Médoc you had two years ago. Others prefer Cafe Carlo, where chef Dave Hyde, who lives around the corner, does Cal-Ital cuisine. His Fett Chile is addictive.

“It’s a mix of ladies in Chanel living in pricey condos and skater kids moving in who live on $100 a month. I walk down the street and see Vespas lined up beside the Mercedes.”

– Steve Fitelovitch, graphic designer

529 Wellington 529 Wellington Crescent, 204-487-8325,
Beyond Flowers 163 Lilac St., 204-477-5787
Bread & Circuses 238 Lilac St., 204-477-4555
Cafe Carlo 243 Lilac St., 204-477-5544,
Cha Cha Palace 173 Lilac St., 204-284-4128
Chic Clothing 159 Lilac St., 204-453-6428
Coco Pod 875 Corydon Ave., 204-284-2980
F&Q 751 Corydon Ave., 204-284-3820
Gallery Lacosse 169 Lilac St., 204-284-0726,
Gluttons 842 Corydon Ave., 204-475-5714
The Green Scene 245 Lilac St., 204-475-8054
Munson Park Wellington Crescent at Kingsway
Phillip Adam 161 Lilac St., 204-475-9264,