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16 Quintessential Canadian Snacks

A province-by-province guide to edible corner-store classics.

Canadian food snacks Newfoundland

1. Purity Jam Jams

These cookies are a Newfoundland classic. Some even say that their own grandmothers based their recipes on the Purity version.

2. Pineapple Crush

Hard to come by on the mainland, this bright yellow beverage is highly prized by teenagers and expat Newfoundlanders, who stock up on it during visits back home.

3. Fussell’s Thick Cream

Before topping their pies or tarts with a dollop of Fussell’s, guests are known to pass around the little can while giving the contents a quick shake to thicken the cream even more.

4. Mt. Scio Farm Pure Savoury

Savoury grows abundantly on the Rock, where it’s the star of many a spice rack. Don’t even try to replace it with sage – you’re not fooling anyone.

Canadian food snacks - Quebec

1. Original Maple Taffy Cones

The filling in the cones isn’t made using actual maple sap, but no matter; this childhood classic will tide you over until sugaring-off season.

2. Gaspésien Cretons

This spiced, breaded pork spread is popular at breakfast (or as a midnight snack) on toast, along with a generous lashing of yellow mustard.

3. La Chaudière Cheese Curds

The key ingredient to any poutine, fresh cheese curds let out a characteristic squeak when you bite into them, but only if they’re stored at room temperature (not in the fridge).

4. Émile Spruce Beer

Émile’s is craft-brewed following a century-old recipe and flavoured with black spruce from Western Canada. Even though it’s fermented, it contains no alcohol – so you can forget about moderation.

Canadian food snacks - Manitoba

1. Red River Hot Cereal

Created in Manitoba in 1924 (and produced today in the U.S.), this porridge takes its name from the Red River, which meanders through Winnipeg.

2. Old Dutch Ketchup Chips

The only brand of chips that comes in a box (containing two or three bags), the much loved Ketchup version from Old Dutch is more brightly coloured than that of the competitors.

3. Mordens’ of Winnipeg Toasted coconut marshmallows

A treat for the kids of yesteryear (and the grandparents of today), these marshmallows have a shelf life of one month, but they usually disappear long before that.

4. Nutty Club pink popcorn

It’s not that it’s the sweetest of snacks or that the toy is much of a prize, but this popcorn definitely has a wonderful taste of nostalgia.

Canada food snacks - Alberta

1. Bergen Beef Jerky

In Alberta, children are told – as a joke – to throw a piece of beef jerky in one direction and run the opposite way should they encounter an aggressive bear on a trail hike.

2. Capital Ukrainian sausage

A tasty reminder of the province's Eastern European heritage, this smoked sausage is a must for every successful party platter.

3. Spitz Sunflower Seeds

Sunflower seeds are made for sharing with friends, whether it’s around a campfire or in the car on a road trip. Simply follow these three rules: Savour the taste, open the seed with your teeth and spit out the shell.

4. Mott’s Clamato

Justifiably proud of having invented the Bloody Caesar, Albertans are less boastful about mixing their Clamato with a light lager when making a Beer ’n’ Clam – a noted hangover remedy.



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