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Catherine Reitman on Workin' Moms, TV Nudity and Airplane Snacks

The Toronto-based writer, actor and producer on juggling motherhood and work, onscreen and IRL.

Catherine Reitman

Hometown Los Angeles

Home Base Toronto

Claim to Fame Actor with roles on It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia and Black-ish

Current Projects Writing, producing and starring as overtaxed mother Kate in the CBC sitcom Workin’ Moms, currently in its third season

Favourite Souvenir “I brought back a couple of beautiful trays from Mexico City. I really just use them to carry drinks upstairs at bedtime, but they make me feel like a very international water drinker.”

Workin’ Moms is a sitcom about motherhood, but you’ve tackled affairs, abortions and #MeToo. Why touch on these issues?
Everything I’ve watched where a woman is a mom is either totally abstract or a broad comedy about unfortunate mishaps with diapers. They minimize my experiences as a mother. Our writers’ room is filled with people who’ve had all kinds of experiences, from complicated female friendships to abortions, and our show is a reflection of that.

What are you proudest of getting on air?
We had nudity on our show, which was a big deal. It involved endless conversations; we had to deal with our egos and channel our humility. And then we shot it and it was just a bunch of women with their shirts off. It’s a scene I get so much pride from – women presenting what happens to our bodies after giving birth.

You come from a showbiz family. Has developing a show about working parents given you a new perspective on your childhood?
My father was very loving, but during the week, he could sort of check out while my mother did the bulk of the child care. I talk to him every day, he comes to the set and he sees that I’m doing all the things he did at my age – but I’m also involved in my kids’ pickups and bedtime routines. He’s like, “Holy moly!” As for my mom, I have so much compassion for her and what we put her through.

Your sons are now three and five. Any tips for travelling with kids?
The iPad has been my greatest gift. I know screen time is frowned upon, but they’re not going to be watching it for the rest of their lives. A few hours in the air equals enjoyment for them and peace for everyone else. And: snacks, snacks, snacks, snacks.