As head of the House of Veuve Clicquot Ponsardin, Cécile Bonnefond has become an ambassador for rarefied tastes. After nearly seven years as president (the second female president after Madame Clicquot herself), Madame Bonnefond still enjoys a little downtime (and, of course, a glass of Veuve) in Trouville, France.

1. Hôtel Le Flaubert
The rooms here overlooking the beach are spectacular. Isabelle, who owns and runs the hotel, is an amazingly dynamic person. This year, she created a new bar, which is cozy but always busy.
Rue Gustave Flaubert, 33-2-31-88-37-23,

2. Librairie Les Mots Bleus
The owner, Brigitte, keeps this bookstore open from Friday to Sunday during the off-season; the rest of the week she is a writer in Paris. She always leaves personal notes on tiny Post-its to let you know which parts of a book she loved. You can read right there in the basement and help yourself to coffee or tea.
86, rue des Bains, 33-2-31-87-59-95,

3. Fish market
Every day, this fish market sells fish and seashells, which come straight from the fishing boats. You can hear the merchants calling out, trying to convince pedestrians to buy from them.
Quai Fernand Moureaux

4. Les Vapeurs
This is where Parisians meet on Friday nights when arriving from the city, so expect all the noise of a real French brasserie. The waiter will shout out your order over the crowd and loudly welcome the weekenders. Les Vapeurs has the best shrimp, mussels and seafood in town.
160, quai Fernand Moureaux, 33-2-31-88-15-24,

5. Le Grain de Sable
This tiny café at the tennis club is also a hideout on the beach. It is sheltered from the wind, so you can only see the tennis courts, but it’s a charming place. You’ll sound like a real Trouvillais if you say you’ve been here.
Promenade des Planches