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Where to Eat, Drink and Sleep in Chiloé

Discover some of our favourite spots on Chile's magical island.


Tierra Chiloé Hotel & Spa

Tierra Chiloé Hotel & Spa

Chile’s main export, copper, is put to beautiful use in the lobby’s centrepiece fireplace. Relax on a pillow-strewn perch in the bar, where an array of Chilean wines (and pisco sours) will help you unwind after an action-packed day exploring the archipelago.

What we loved The view through the giant picture window in our room – one of just 24 – makes us feel like we’re outside while still beneath our toasty covers.


Restaurant Morelia

Restaurant Morelia

If you’re going to hike all 431 square kilometres of the Parque Nacional Chiloé, you’ll need a hearty lunch. The traditional cazuela is the highlight but the clam and cheese empanada makes for a nice (and massive) appetizer.

Sector Quilque S/N, Cucao, Isla Chiloé, 8340518, Chile


Refugio Pullao Bird Reserve

Refugio Pullao Bird Reserve

“Chill” translates to Spanish as “tranqui”: Tranquil only hints at the feeling you get staring from atop a platform down onto the thatched-grass roofs of huts below, on the lookout for rare birds, like the Chilean flamingo. Take an outing on horseback, wander the grounds on foot or simply sit on the deck and sip a pisco sour.