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These Grown-up Chocolate Eggs Will Make You Feel like a Child Again

Kinder Surprise-Style Desserts for the Young at Heart.

Chocolate eggs

Photo: Les Garçons; Prop Stylist: Thomas Salaun; Food Stylist: Marie-Élaine Thibault

Kinder Surprise-style desserts, with sweet shells you whack at the table, may be our favourite adult riff on a childhood treat yet. Smash a white chocolate dome to reveal tangy yuzu cake at Toronto’s Copetin. Break open an orb that’s blue like an emu egg (in a nest of orange kataifi pastry) to find coconut panna cotta at Dinner by Heston Blumenthal in Melbourne. And, at Tattu in Leeds, the passion fruit-filled chili chocolate dragon egg is a real hit.

Copetin, 107 King St. E., Toronto, 416-603-8009
Dinner by Heston Blumenthal, 8 Whiteman St., Melbourne, Australia, 61-3-9292-5779
Tattu, 29 East Parade, Leeds, U.K., 44-11-3245-1080



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