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Sniff-ty Gifts from Mexico City

These perfumes bottle up the scent of your favourite city.

Mexico City perfumes

Photo: Gabrielle Sykes; props stylist: Thomas Salaun

Hands up if you’ve ever wanted to bottle up the smell of a place to bring home. That’s the essence of Xinú, a perfumery in the Polanco neighbourhood that uses botanicals from the Americas, many of them Mexican (like orange blossom and tuberose), to create its fragrances. Aguamadera brings to mind a buzz-inducing sip of mezcal and lime, and a whiff of Monstera will transport you to the lush gardens of Chapultepec park. Bonus: The blown glass and wood bottles can be used as vases or incense holders when the fragrance runs out, for a souvenir with staying power.

Xinú (from top) Oronardo (No. 5), Aguamadera (No. 1), Monstera (No. 4), 3,500 Pesos each for 50 ml (around $250)