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You might recognize Dan Levy from his time on MTV Canada, through his eyeglass brand D.L. Eyewear or from some of his movie roles. Or you might just recognize his last name; he's Eugene's son. Now, Levy and his dad have co-created the new CBC show Schitt's Creek, which features performances by them both as well as their pal Catherine O'Hara. We caught up with him before a marathon writing session in Los Angeles.

Dan Levy

What's your packing style?
Compulsive, impulsive, meticulous. My suitcase looks like a robot packed it. I worked at the Gap, so I can do a very clean fold. Everything is compartmentalized.

What city has inspired you recently?
I was just in Tokyo for 10 days to meet my friend Tommy Ton, who's a street-style photographer working out there. We were staying in Shinjuku, and he took me to all the clothing stores and the robot restaurant. We also went to some pretty crazy sushi places that were definitely off the beaten path.

You're working with your dad now. Did you go on family vacations when you were a kid?
We weren't a big family-vacation family, mostly because my dad was working a lot in Los Angeles. When we had time off, we would visit him there. My dad has been telling us that we're going to Hawaii every year for the past 10 years. But at this point, I think it's all talk.

Do you have any favourite places that you go back to over and over again?
I always stop in London when I'm in Europe because I lived there about 10 years ago, and it's where I made some of my best friends. I think London is my favourite city because it has a bit of everything – that hard masculinity of Manhattan and the frills of Europe. Fashion is great. All the British kids are just so much cooler than everyone else. There's an ease to Londoners that I wish I had myself.



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