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Disco-rock duo Adrianigual have been setting the groove of Santiago’s club scene since releasing their first LP in 2007. Their next album, “a meditation on loving and living in a city with little possibilities”, is slated to drop early this year. Frontman Diego Adrian shares 10 songs that remind him of his native Santiago. Listen to them on our 8Tracks playlist.
1. “Cuando voy al trabajo”, Victor Jara
For me, this song is an ode to the people who spend hours commuting to work every day and who are filled with hope for a brighter future. It reflects the sadness of a people who don’t have many opportunities and who, in some ways, find themselves trapped in their own city. 

2. “Ausencia”, Violeta Parra
As the title suggests, this song expresses a profound nostalgia or longing for bygone days.

3. “Sol de invierno”, Javiera Mena
Winter in Santiago is actually quite cold, but it doesn’t matter; we still walk outside hand in hand.

4. “Santiago Querido”, Leo Dan
Leo Dan is one of our biggest pop idols and this song is a classic of Santiago’s public transit.

5. “Tren al sur”, Los Prisioneros
We all have those moments where we want to escape the city’s frenetic pace for some peace and quiet. Whenever I leave Santiago, I imagine that I’m on a train and remember all that I’ve left behind.

6. “Rebeldes”, Alex Anwandter
For me, this song is about the city’s young people who work every day just to make ends meet but who are looking for the happiness in life’s simple pleasures.

7. “El juego verdadero”, Tiro de gracia
Nothing is more Santiago than this group’s lyrics. They perfectly embody the energy of the 90s, which had us all on our feet dancing.

8. “2001”, Dj Raff with Zaturno
Chile’s biggest names in hip-hop came together to create this instant classic. Few songs capture so neatly Santiago’s identity.

9. “Maldito amor”, Supernova
Going to school in Santiago is a challenge, especially when you’re in love. Listening to this song always brings me back to my childhood and years as a teenager.

10. “Arde Santiago”, Adrianigual
Sometimes the hustle and bustle of the city is overwhelming and I want only one thing: to burn everything in my wake… but with love. I hope you can ride the wave with me.



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