OneEdulis - Toronto

You’ve got to love a woman who looks you in the eye while free-pouring rum over your baba. Chatting nonchalantly in a floral party frock, co-owner Tobey Nemeth soaks your cake with Appleton Reserve syrup like she’s poured it all her life. That easygoing confidence defines Edulis. It comes with experience.

Nemeth is a chef herself (Jamie Kennedy Wine Bar), and husband Michael Caballo worked the stoves when this homey little house was Niagara Street Café. They spent four years roving around the world, cooking in Italy, Spain, Panama and B.C., before settling in Toronto to open their own European-styled auberge fermière. Decorated with rooster figurines, hand-painted tiles and a Hoarders-worthy cache of Le Creuset pots, Edulis makes a case for twee as a new trend.

Left: Globetrotting chefs Tobey Nemeth and Michael Caballo rule the roost.