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The Smyth Tribeca, New York

Design: Glenn Pushelberg and George Yabu (Yabu Pushelberg)

The Smyth Tribeca, New YorkThe vintage figurines at the Smyth Tribeca lend a fun touch.


Masquerading as a sophisticated gentlemen’s club, this lobby is anything but ordinary. The designers divided what’s usually an open space into cozy private nooks; the one with the olive-green buttoned sofa will make you want to throw a little party. Each section makes a bold statement with leathercouches, walnut tables and metal curtains, but the serious colour palette is lightened up with a collection of vintage robots and a series of ink sketches by Miami artist Santiago Rubino (a favourite of the designers). Because first impressions are the most lasting.

85 W. Broadway, 888-58-SMYTH,