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5 Things to Do in Montreal This October

From shiny blings to top pita sandwiches, discover the top activities in Montreal this month.

Food & Drink

Falafel Yoni

Photo: David Dworkind

Falafel Yoni

This fast-casual Mile End spot boasts a fun retro aesthetic, refreshing mint lemonade and a light menu focused on Israeli-style falafel – dense, freshly fried all-chickpea orbs.


Photo: Ali Rahimi – SC Firm


Along with high-contrast Checker-cab-inspired decor, this Laval gyro joint serves up Middle Eastern-accented poutine, chicken and lamb-filled pita and fluffy, sugar-dusted churros.


Sudwest Gyros

Photo: Kreye Agency

Sudwest Gyros

At this Saint-Henri street-food spot, the namesake Greek classic is a jumping-off point for globally inspired dishes, like the Big Kahuna sandwich, with grilled pineapple and a ginger-soy vinaigrette.


Maison Birks

Photo: Birks

Crown Jewels

With coffered ceilings and warm lights bathing the airy space in a golden glow, the refreshed Maison Birks flagship – reopened in June after major renovations – is a brilliant example of preserving design tradition while adding hits of 21st-century glam.


Cinéma Moderne

Photo: Danny Taillon / Post-Moderne

Extra Credits

For film buffs, Mile End’s Cinéma Moderne sets a different kind of scene. This independent theatre that opened in August includes an in-house café and has a stated mission of promoting auteur-driven local and international work.