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Directors' Bios

Familiar-Haya Waseem

Haya Waseem (Director/Editor)

Born in Pakistan and raised in Switzerland, Haya moved to Canada in hopes of pursuing a career in film and television. Since completing her Media Arts degree at Sheridan College, Haya has had the pleasure of working across various editing platforms, including major corporate campaigns, officially selected short films and four feature-length documentaries. Currently, Haya is completing Shahzad, a BravoFact short production, as well as pre-production for its feature expansion. Haya is also writing her next film, Pull, in preparation for production in fall of 2015.

Familiar-Christopher Lew

Christopher Lew (Cinematographer)

Christopher Lew is a cinematographer based in Toronto, where he shoots music videos, short films, documentaries and anything in between. Christopher’s work has been recognized at various festivals, including the Cannes Film Festival, the Toronto International Film Festival, Fashion Week London and many more. Currently, Christopher is shooting music videos and commercials with some of the most reputable teams in the industry as well as wrapping up principal photography for the upcoming BravoFact short Shahzad.