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On having a green thumb

“I have a dilemma because to do my work, I have to fly a lot,” says Canadian photographer Edward Burtynsky. In addition to offsetting his flight miles – twice, through two different companies! – he is taking carbon neutrality into his own hands. “I have 15 acres up north and I planted about 3,000 trees there 25 years ago. They’re coming in now around 50 feet high.” 

Green thumb

Get on Offsets

You can offset gas emissions associated with your flight, car rental and accommodations by funding tree planting, landfill gas recovery and tire recycling projects. The cost of offsetting the CO2 for a round-trip economy ticket between Toronto and Tampa is just $6.18 through Zerofootprint. Offsetters lets you factor in the make and model of your rental car and exchange Aeroplan® Miles to green up your trips.


Raise aircraft awareness

Some airplanes are more eco-friendly than others. The Boeing 787, set to join Air Canada’s fleet next year, uses 20 percent less fuel than a similarly sized model, thanks in part to a lighter composite frame (carbon-fibre-reinforced plastic and more titanium!). It is quieter too, reducing the noise footprint by 60 percent.

Be a paper saver

Last year, Air Canada sent out 2.7 million electronic boarding passes – double the number for 2010.



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