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Our New Obsession: Fresh Mead Flavours

Honey wine is back – mead we say more?


Photo: Les Garçons; prop stylist: Evelyne Morin; food stylist: Chantal Legault

The bees are back in town as honey wine, believed to be the world’s oldest alcoholic beverage, becomes a fresh late-summer sipper. Bløm, in Ann Arbor, Michigan, ferments a wildflower-honey and apple-cider blend, served on tap, while Quebec’s Desrochers D, of Ferme-Neuve, draws inspiration from beer by dry-hopping mead for their crisp and fizzy Beezz IP made from raw buckwheat honey. Island Honey Wine Company in Wheatley River, PEI, joins the hive with a bold and tart variety infused with local haskap berries. And Moonshine Meadery in Pune, India (the country’s first honey-wine producer), is setting the mead scene abuzz by adding Karnataka coffee to the mix.

Bløm Ann Arbor, Michigan,
Desrochers D Ferme-Neuve, Québec,
Island Honey Wine Company Wheatley River, PEI,
Moonshine Meadery Pune, India,