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Food Trend to Watch: Hawaiian Brunch

From Los Angeles to Vancouver, here's where to say aloha to Hawaiian brunch.

Hawaiian Brunch

Photo: Les Garçons; prop stylist: Evelyne Morin; food stylist: Chantal Legault

Later, poke: Loco moco, a towering combination of rice, hamburger patty and gravy, topped with an egg, is taking your place at the table. 


Nori's Saimin and Snacks Hilo, Hawaii

Invented in Hilo, Hawaii, in the 1940s, the dish remains a staple in its hometown, and at Nori’s Saimin and Snacks, the teri beef loco is drizzled with homemade teriyaki sauce for a sweet and tangy kick.

Animal, Los Angeles

Los Angeles’ Animal adds foie gras and quail egg to spam and hamburger for a meaty high-end breakfast. 

Bao Down

At Bao Down in Vancouver, with a beef patty, garlic fried rice and sunny side up egg, the rest is mushroom gravy.