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Strammer Max “It doesn’t get more German and rustic than this dish,” says Thomas Klüber, owner of the Walden Restaurant and Club in Frankfurt. “It’s made with a slice of brown toast that’s fried in butter and covered with ham, cheese and a fried egg. If you replace the ham with roast pork, it’s called Strammer Otto.” Eggs “They’re at the core of any good German breakfast. One of the most popular ways to serve them is soft boiled so that the yellow oozes out when you crack them open.” Bread “Germany is known for its good bread, so you can’t serve just anything,” says Klüber. “The best ones are covered with sesame or pumpkin seeds.” Jam “My restaurant is named after Henry David Thoreau’s masterpiece on simplifying your life, and that’s exactly how the Simple Breakfast, one of my most popular dishes, is served. You have salami, cooked ham, turkey breast, cheese (usually Gouda or Edam), an egg, honey, jam (strawberry, peach or apricot), butter and bread. Nutella “When I was young, this was my favourite. It’s from Italy, but it doesn’t matter.”

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