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Our New Obsession: Fruity Iced Coffee

From Buenos Aires to Halifax, iced coffee is getting a fruity shakeup.

Fruity iced coffee

Photo: Gabrielle Sykes; Food stylist and prop stylist: Thomas Salaun

Baristas are blending bitter tonic, acidic coffee and fruity and floral syrups for eye-opening cocktails you can enjoy before noon. Cigaló Specialty Coffee in Buenos Aires starts with seasonal jam, like pear or grapefruit, and slowly pours in tonic and a double shot to keep layers intact. Halifax’s Lucky Penny Coffee Co. adds a dash of elderflower syrup to locally roasted North Mountain’s espresso, topped with plenty of sparkle. And San Francisco pioneer Ritual Coffee Roasters mixes cold-brew concentrate, maraschino syrup and Fever-Tree tonic in its signature Cherry Bomb, with a cherry on top.

Cigaló Specialty Coffee Buenos Aires,
Lucky Penny Coffee Co. Halifax,
Ritual Coffee Roasters San Francisco,