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Directors' Bios

Étienne Bellefeuille

Étienne Bellefeuille

Originally from Granby, Étienne Bellefeuille receives training in theatrical acting at public school and at private school (with Martin Gougeon). After a musical term in Sherbrooke, he moved to Montreal in 2011 to complete a degree in Film Studies at the University of Montreal where he acquired his skills on screenwriting, directing and film directing, in addition to enriching its criticism of current cinematographic issues. With different types of projects (installation, photography, digital collage), he produced mainly fiction films, Genevieve and the Witch (14 min) is his first film after university.

Etienne Dagenais

Etienne Dagenais discovers his passion for media arts early on. He begins training in fine arts (cinema profile) in cégep and enrolled in the bachelor of Film Studies at L’Université de Montréal. Interested in photography, he soon specializes in image making. At university, he assumes the role of director of photography on all projects he is involved in. Meanwhile, he works on smaller projects with his collaborators, sometimes taking the role of screenwriter or director. He co writes Geneviève et la sorcière with Étienne Bellefeuille through University’s “summer projects’.