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Getaway to Quidi Vidi Village

Five ways to get your feet wet in Newfoundland.

 Quidi Vidi Village

Mallard Cottage
Chef Todd Perrin’s restaurant, a restoration of one of the oldest dwellings in Newfoundland, is the new pride of Quidi Vidi. Bare wood and hand-forged planking make for a rustic but cozy space, with a massive brick and stone fireplace occupying the centre of the dining room. Perrin turns out real-deal Newfoundland comfort food. Staples like baked cod, fried lamb’s liver and moose stew share the menu with amped-up dishes like cod sausage, duck-leg curry and pigtail served with foraged chanterelles.

8 Barrows Rd., 709-237-7314,

Inn of Olde
This pub starts serving beer and a hearty lunch at noon and doesn’t quit until the pot’s empty and the music dies down sometime after midnight. It’s like stepping into a wood-panelled basement from the 1970s, where a jaw-dropping collection of gems – souvenirs of the sea, ancestral photos – has amassed over time. Bowls of seafood chowder arrive piping hot from the hands of servers, who freely
dispense happy chatter and “Yes, my darlings.”

67 Quidi Vidi Rd., 709-576-2223

Quidi Vidi Village Plantation
This modern building on the site of an old fish stage does double duty as an information centre and artist incubator. Get the real scoop on life in the village (and Quidi Vidi’s fishing heritage) while chatting with artists right in their workspaces. Browse exquisite woodcut prints, glass jewellery and pottery (including earthenware from the supplier to Mallard Cottage). Be careful: The more you chat, the more you buy.

10 Maple View Pl., 709-570-2038,

Quidi Vidi Brewing Company LimitedThe View at Quidi Vidi Brewing Company Limited

Quidi Vidi Brewing Company Limited
In 1996, Quidi Vidi Brewery heralded the rebirth of the village with a quaint clapboard structure that now houses a modern brewery, retail store and party room. After a tour, take a six-pack of Iceberg beer (made from actual berg water) to the dockside picnic tables, and watch the boats going to and fro. Friday nights, arrive early for a jam-packed kitchen party with a local traditional band and all-you-can-eat, pay-what-you-can food from Mallard Cottage.

35 Barrows Rd., 800-738-0165 or 709-738-4040,

Fishing with Frank Janes
Captain and semi-retired trucker Frank Janes loves to take visitors on boat tours. There’s no official program, just cruising open water, whale- and bird-watching and lots of storytelling. If you’re lucky, he will show you how to jig for cod; be sure to bring a six-pack as barter for learning how to filet your catch. (The recreational food fishery opens in mid-summer and early fall. No licence is required, but there’s a 15-fish limit per boat.) Find Janes at the dock by the brewery or ask around.

 Quidi Vidi Village

3 More Spots with a View
If you miss the Royal St. John’s Regatta, held annually since 1818, visit the museum to learn more about the event’s ties to royalty. (Eighteen-year-old Prince Albert Edward attended in 1860.)

Boathouse, Clancey Dr., 709-576-8921,

Hike the Sugarloaf Path from its starting point in the village. Head north for 8.9 kilometres along dramatic cliffs that peak at 150 metres for views of frolicking whales and soaring bald eagles.

Get a close-up of the boats, fishing huts and sheer cliff faces that line the shores of Quidi Vidi’s tiny harbour in a rented kayak.
The sheltered port is an easy proving ground for newbies.

The Outfitters, 220 Water St., 709-579-4453,




Comments… or add another

Peg L.

Thursday, July 3rd 2014 14:13
Another area that has become too popular and is now "gentrified" to the point where it barely resembles the charming place it used to be. The photographer must have really had to work to get that picture looking so terrific!

garry brown

Friday, July 4th 2014 12:18
Looking forward to visiting Quidi Vidi the first of August on our first visit to Newfoundland.

Debra Faulkner

Friday, July 4th 2014 14:21
It might be a good idea to put round trip prices on sites like this.


Gayle Chidlaw

Friday, July 4th 2014 16:23
I have been 47 years in Canada and not likely to be able to go that far for just a short time. I would love to see the icebergs float by!


Saturday, July 5th 2014 06:40
Newfoundland has been on my bucket list for a few years now, and I will certainly add Quidi Vidi Village to my itinerary. Nice article.


Saturday, July 5th 2014 07:07
Short but that's exactly what I would have in mind on when I travel.



Anton Laninga

Saturday, July 5th 2014 22:25
In 1964, when I was 29 years old, I got a job in Newfoundland as a floatplane pilot. I worked in Newfoundland, out of St. John's, for three years, and thoroughly enjoyed the province and the people. I visited many outports, even in Labrador, and it is the highlight of my life. I have been in Quidi Vidi, and even landed my floatplane with sick patients picked up on the coast, on Quidi Vidi Lake, which was close to the hospital at the time. Due to personal circumstances I had to stop flying in 1972, and later lost my pilots licence due to a TIA, (minor stroke).
Now that I am almost 80 years old, (next January) I would really like to visit Newfoundland again, but due to a very low seniors pension am not able to afford the airfare. Since I was also a commercial pilot, perhaps Air Canada could give me and my wife a return trip to St, John's. I will be able to find accommodation for a week or two.
I would appreciate a trip to Newfoundland very much.
Anton Laninga

Fran Salter

Tuesday, July 8th 2014 13:03
Fantastic!!! My Mom Joan Frances Ruby spoke of this harbor all the time when we were young. She married my Dad and moved to Huntingdon Quebec in 1945.She is passed now but it gave me such joy and fond memories to see this village.
We still own property on Ruby line in St John's so some day soon we"ll be visiting again.
Thank you

Fran Salter
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