Tom + Chee

At this grilled cheese empire, which boasts five locations in Ohio and Kentucky, purists might be tempted to stick to the classic American on white bread. But risk-taking gourmands will be delighted by Tom + Chee’s glazed grilled cheese doughnut concoctions, featuring everything from fresh bananas and peanut butter to mozzarella and mascarpone. For something more savoury, the Armagoetta (highlighted on Travel Channel’s Man v. Food Nation) is as gourmet as it gets: goetta (a local breakfast sausage made with ground meat and steel-cut oats), spicy cherry peppers, fried onions, pepper jack and mustard squeezed between two pieces of bread (one rye, one sourdough). But our calorie-busting favourite had to be the crunchy barbecue potato chip, bacon and American cheese special, a classic sandwich served with a bowl of freshly made creamy basil tomato soup. Like the menu says, “Yum + Awesome.”

133 E. Court St., Cincinnati, 859-291-2433