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How similar are the cockpits on Air Canada's small Airbus fleet?

Our pilot answers your aviation questions.

Air Canada pilotPhoto: Brian Losito

How similar are the cockpits on Air Canada’s small Airbus fleet?

Annette Maher, Toronto
If you were to peek in at the flight deck during boarding, you wouldn’t be able to tell the difference between our 120-seat A319, the 146-seat A320 or the elongated 174-passenger A321. The instrumentation is identical; they’re all equipped with the same joystick and flight deck layout. While the Fin Number on the centre instrument panel is a sure way to distinguish among aircraft, I know I’m in a “newer” A320 when there are electric seats and pullout tray tables – items the first generation of that aircraft model doesn’t have.

Doug Morris is an Air Canada pilot and captain on the Airbus A320.

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Wednesday, July 18th 2012 20:49
Hi Doug,

I already have flown an airbus a 321 on a flight simulator. Also I already have flown Air Canada 14 times in my life.
I flown the a319,a320,e190 and the Dash 8 with Jazz and Air Canada.
Have you ever flown the a319 to Mexico City because I am leaving July 24 2012 to Mexico City so maybe I will see you on AC 479 from Ottawa to Toronto or maybe on AC 993 going to Mexico City from Toronto.
So I hope that you have a good time on the Airbuses.
Thanks, Thomas
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