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How to: Mini Mixology

Shaun Layton, head bartender at Vancouver’s L’Abattoir, shares his tricks for going MacGyver with your hotel room minibar.

How to mini mixologyYou’ve got: Whisky
You can make:
A hotel-fashioned

Grab two sugar cubes and some orange slices from the continental breakfast, and ask for some wooden ­chopsticks. Combine the sugar and four drops of ­bitters (a good all-purpose option is Angostura) in a glass, then add the whisky, stir with a chopstick, and garnish with the orange slices.

Madame Chasse-TachesYou’ve got: Bourbon
You can make:
minibar julep

Fill a clean pillowcase with ice, then crush it by using the iron like a mallet. Mix a ­packet of sugar with about two ounces of bourbon. Add the ice and toss in a few sprigs of mint from the continental breakfast. 

How toYou’ve got: Vodka or gin
You can make: Suite tea

Warm vodka or gin in the coffee pot with a couple bags of tea until the tea has infused the spirits. Let it cool, then mix with soda water, 7UP or Limonata.

How toYou’ve got: Vodka and Kahlúa
You can make: A Frosted Russian

Nab a little box of a sugary cereal like Frosted Flakes from the breakfast service, and let the cereal sit in milk for 30 minutes. Then pour the ­flavoured milk over ice and add vodka and Kahlúa.

How to* PRO TIP

Always travel with a mini-bottle of bitters – buy sample packs from Berg & Hauck, or Scrappy’s for a variety of flavours.



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