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3 Hummus Bars Worth Dipping Into

Hummus bars are spreading out across North America.

Birona Hummus Bar, Montreal

Photo: Mathieu Lévesque; food stylist: Sophie Carrière; props stylist: Pierce Atkinson

Dip into this Mediterranean specialty, made from slow-cooked, blended chickpeas, as it becomes the main event. Eighteen hummus dishes rule the menu at Montreal’s Birona Hummus Bar, where their signature spread is topped with ingredients like fava beans, mushrooms and a fried egg (pictured). Hummusology in Philadelphia finishes their Vegetables Rave plate with herb-roasted veggies, tahini and spices. And at Tahaza in Cambridge, Massachusetts, choose from a selection of hummus flavours, such as grilled beet, and savoury add-ons, including lamb and mint yogurt, to give your own creation a whirl.

Birona Hummus Bar, 5417, boul. Saint-Laurent, Montréal, 438-386-6228
Hummusology, 1112 Locust St., Philadelphia, 215-592-6505
Tahaza, 1 Canal Park, Cambridge, Massachusetts, 857-259-6960



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