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Business Advice from Canadian Real Estate Developer Ian Gillespie

The entrepreneur on the best place for a business lunch in Vancouver, breaking rules and his mission to make cities more beautiful.

Ian Gillespie

There’s a good chance you’ve seen – or stayed at – one of Ian Gillespie’s developments. He’s responsible for the Fairmont Pacific Rim hotel in Vancouver and is currently breaking ground on Telus’ new skyscraper in Calgary and Mirvish Village in Toronto (the former site of Honest Ed’s discount store). He’s also promoting his new book, Fight for Beauty, about his mission to make cities beautiful.

1. My go-to apps I use The Weather Channel and World Clock to keep track of our nine global offices.

2. My eureka moment came when I figured out that collaborating with like-minded people makes the journey more enjoyable, more enriching and more successful.

3. Best place for a business lunch Botanist at the Fairmont Pacific Rim. I’m vegetarian so I usually get the cavatelli with vegetable ragu and ricotta salata.

4. What I had to learn on the fly How to be a good team manager, and patience. As a creative and artistic person, these things don’t come naturally to me.

5. In business, now’s a good time to break the rules. When you break the rules you stand out.

6. The biggest risk I ever took was starting my company. I put everything on the table and had to trust that my instincts, work ethic and experience would pull me through.

7. My business mantra Good ideas come out of being unhappy with the status quo. I like to try different solutions and hope that others follow.

8. In my carry-on, you’ll find my iPad, five or six currencies and a book. Right now, it’s A Room of One’s Own by Virginia Woolf.

9. I always listen to my gut. I’m not overly analytical; I react based on instincts and then I just go for it.

10. Window or aisle? Window, for the privacy. I like to get into the work that I bring with me.



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