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Director's Bio

photo: Vishal Marapon

James Hebers

Hometown: Edmonton
Age: 28

James Hebers is originally from Edmonton, Alberta, where he worked as an engineer, but was soon drawn to a career in the arts. He enrolled at Emily Carr University in 2008 and is now graduated with his first film under his belt. Now in Vancouver, James hopes to further polish his craft to create unique 'handmade' animations. In his free time, James goes fishing, talks about fishing and plans more fishing trips. Recently off eggs, dairy and gluten, he spends time searching for tasty alternatives to bread, chocolate milk and ice cream.

Name three of your interests (not film-related) and one pet peeve. 

Fishing, motorcycles and astronomy. My pet peeve: tiny buttons.

What is your favourite movie?

I'd say Duncan Jones' Moon. The concept and execution are superb, plus Sam Rockwell is a genius.

When did you make your first film?

Well, this is my first film!

Sum up your film, In All Forms, in a 5-word sentence. 

It's a journey though creation.

Which films or directors inspire you?

After I watched Andreï Tarkovsky's The Mirror, I felt much more free to experiment.

What's your motto as a filmmaker?

Why not?

What's your dream film project?

I'd love to work on a stop-motion film with an outer space theme.

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lda Purcell

Friday, November 2nd 2012 10:15
well done !

Elizabeth Coehoorn

Sunday, November 4th 2012 20:59
good job James!!!
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