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Slava Micic and Igor Terzic

Vancouver-based “professional nomads” Slava Micic and Igor Terzic divide their time between the West Coast and anywhere in the world with a fast Internet connection. The creative couple, who emigrated from Serbia and from Bosnia and Herzegovina, draw inspiration for their work from wherever they are. We caught up with them just before they took off for Palm Springs, California.

Scrunch, roll, fold or stuff?

Slava Micic: I fold, and then I try to fill up the leftover space with rolled-up items.

Igor Terzic: I’m in charge of packing up the cables and adapters, meaning I spend a lot of time, er, organizing.

How would you describe your packing philosophy?
SM: Over time, we’ve learned to bring less.

IT: I’m glad to see Slava packing less because I’m usually the one to carry it! I was always a minimalist.

What are your favourite places?
SM: Barcelona because it’s full of colour and adventure.

IT: The surfer vibe in Burleigh Heads, Australia, had me at hello.

What’s on the agenda for Palm Springs?
SM: We’re on a pilgrimage to Joshua Tree National Park to take lots of photos in the desert.

IT: One thing I miss in Vancouver is the sun, so I look forward to soaking up vitamin D.

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Friday, September 28th 2012 12:12
Oil of Oregano.. the original "it tastes awful, but it works!"


Sunday, September 30th 2012 07:28
Congratulations on the feature. Well done!


Tuesday, October 16th 2012 14:56
Thanks for featuring us!

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