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Christopher St.Onge, a self-titled "food fancifier," started quoting Julia Child when he was just 10 years old. "I remember telling my father not to use his salted cooking wine anymore because Julia says if it's not good enough to drink, it's not good enough for my Stroganoff!" These days, the Torontonian's food styling regularly appears in the pages of enRoute and Food & Drink, and he has plans to write cookbooks in the near future.

Christopher St.Onge

Do you remember your first foodie moment?
My family travelled throughout Europe when I was six. My parents ordered roast chicken for my brother and me in Paris, and when it arrived – served in its strained pan juices with butter and white wine – I didn't know chicken could taste that good. I became obsessed with food from that moment on.

What's your favourite Toronto restaurant?
The city's food scene is really on fire right now. There's a whack of young, brave chefs who have shaken off the formality of classical French and Italian cooking and are experimenting, layering dishes with street food and food-truck influences. 

Where do you travel for pleasure?

My boyfriend and I just came back from Istanbul, and next year I've rented a farmhouse in Tuscany. We'll do a week in Sicily, a week at the farmhouse and a week in Bologna.

How do you explain your job to customs?
Most people have no idea what food styling is. Their curiosity is usually piqued and they pass me through, smiling.



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