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Fraser Walters, Victor Micallef, Clifton Murray and Remigio Pereira – otherwise known as the Tenors – performed some 350 shows on five continents and made over 60 TV appearances around the world during their last tour. The quartet, which started out singing in small B.C. coastal communities, now performs for audiences that have included the Queen.

The Tenors

What’s your craziest road trip story?

CM: We were on our way to Universal Music with minutes to change. Our taxi driver wasn’t amused as we warmed up our voices while getting dressed in the cab. He stopped in the middle of Manhattan and asked us to get out! To prove we were a singing group we performed “Belle” from Notre Dame de Paris. He was so moved, he didn’t want to charge us.

Do you get recognized?

RP: We were flying over Utah and a flight attendant said, “Didn’t I just see you on Oprah?” She dragged us to the front of the plane, and we sang “Hallelujah” over the intercom.

VM: We’re Air Canada Elite® so we travel quite a bit. A special shout-out to the concierges and flight attendants across the country; they’re so helpful and they come to our concerts.

What was it like recording your latest album, Lead with Your Heart?

RP: We were in the studio at Interscope Records in L.A. Studio A is classical music, while Studio B is huge thumping bass and smoke practically coming out of the doors. You walk into the lounge, and there’s Dr. Dre, 50 Cent, Jimmy Iovine and T-Pain.

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Mary Abelow

Sunday, January 6th 2013 10:30
Entertaining article to acquaint you with The Tenors. And, a quick enough read to amuse you and whet your appetite to learn more about them .....
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