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Filion Family

Scrunch, roll, fold or stuff?
My wife is a roller; I’m more of a compressor.

Do you have a packing philosophy?
Everyone needs to be able to carry their own backpack, but I left room in mine because I know at some point I’ll have to take one from the kids – maybe even a backpack and a kid.

What triggered the trip?
It was good timing: Our oldest is starting high school when we get back, and our youngest isn’t in school yet. Isabelle is a science teacher and assistant principal, so the older kids won’t escape homework entirely.

How tight is your itinerary?
We’re hoping to do one country a month, but we’re not getting bogged down with dates. You never know who you’re going to meet.

How are you hoping the trip shapes your children’s lives?
We want to expose them to different philosophies and ways of life. They’ll taste good and not-so-good food, ride camels and probably suffer from time to time; after all, they’ll be with mom and dad for a year.

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