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Stephen Bailey

How did you catch the travel bug?
I often joke that I was born to nomadic parents. The first time I went to the same school two years in a row was in Grade 8.

You have two young children. What's it like bringing them along?
My wife's golden airplane rule: Give them whatever they want, especially when one of them is under two and there are three seats for four people.

Where are your Vancouver hangouts?
Lately, it's Beaucoup Bakery & Café. My wife was thinking of starting a bakery a few years ago, so we registered When the owner contacted us about the URL, we found out she was four blocks from our house. So we parted with the URL, and it's now one of our favourite bakeries.

Describe your go-to travel outfit.
Denim, a pair of Fluevog Brandenburgs, a patterned shirt (preferably gingham) and, definitely, a bow tie.

What's the best travel advice you've ever received?
On a 10-day trip to Egypt with my godfather, our bags were lost for eight days. He told me to always keep the important stuff in your carry-on, which for him meant a bottle of Scotch and his medication.



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Nancy Wilkin

Monday, June 2nd 2014 13:54
So handsome and amazing soccer player too!
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