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How to Pack like Bumble Founder Whitney Wolfe Herd

The founder of Bumble on packing and how to best use the dating app while travelling.

Whitney Wolfe Herd

Photo: Kristen Kilpatrick

Whitney Wolfe Herd has twice revolutionized romance: first in 2012, as a co-founder of Tinder, and again two years later when she launched Bumble, a dating app where women must make the first move. She’s since added Bumble BFF and Bumble Bizz, so you can swipe right on a potential new pal or career mentor, too. We caught up with Wolfe Herd at Bumble’s bright HQ in Austin, which has kombucha on tap and bee puns (“Bee Yourself, Honey”) aplenty.

What’s your packing style?
I’m an overpacker – I love to have options. If I bring one white T-shirt, I’m bringing three white T-shirts, because what if I spill? What if I don’t like one?

How can you use Bumble while travelling?
There’s nothing like getting a local’s perspective. Make a new friend on Bumble BFF and grab a drink at a bar you would have never otherwise found, or if you’ve got an hours-long layover, use Bumble Bizz to meet up with someone for a coffee.

So Bumble’s kind of a travel app, too.
I just used it in Mexico City. I was matching with people on Bumble BFF, asking where the best margarita is and how to navigate the city. We all want to stay connected to our habits when we travel, too, and the best way is through people with their feet on the ground, who can tell you where to get a manicure or give you the name of a chiropractor. Bumble gives you that access.

Why did you choose Austin for your HQ?
We’re a big tech company, but our office is a cozy space where we all feel like friends. And Austin is a big community of friends, too – it’s very welcoming.

Do you have any travel hacks?
I have a second set of toiletries that’s always packed and ready to go. You’re not rummaging around for the toothpaste or your sunscreen, or looking for them when you get home because you’ve left them in your suitcase. It has changed my travel style.

What's in the bag of Whitney Wolfe Herd

Photo: Jody Horton

La Ligne makes the chicest workwear, and I love the women behind it. I have multiple pairs of their wool-cashmere socks for keeping me warm on airplanes.

Outdoor Voices is a cult brand in Austin. They’re experts with fabric – you can sweat in their stuff and sleep in it. I wear their leggings when I fly because they’re comfy and good for circulation.

I love kits where everything is mini and made for travel. This Sweat with Bec one has a towel, skipping rope and resistance bands – perfect for doing floor exercises in my hotel room.

I always have Apple AirPods with me – my mother-in-law even had a custom pair made for me in Bumble yellow.

I’m super-allergic to nuts, so I like to wipe down the tray with these Herban Essentials towelettes when I sit down. They smell nice and are a little more natural than your standard wipe.

I bring Benadryl for my nut allergy, yes, but it’s also my magic sleeping aid when I’m flying overseas.

Weleda Skin Food cream is a must to deal with dry hands on the airplane.

I never know when I might sit next to an interesting person who says, “Oh, Bumble, I’ll have to look it up when I get home!” Or maybe their niece or nephew met their partner on Bumble – so it’s nice to have stickers on hand.