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One on One with Coeur de pirate

The Canadian musician on playing Nintendo, singing in her mother tongue and performing in Toronto.

Coeur de pirate

Hometown Town of Mount Royal, Quebec

Home Bases Montreal and Paris

Claim to Fame Award-winning bilingual singer-songwriter whose songs are streamed over 3 million times every month

Current Project Promoting her new album En cas de tempête, ce jardin sera fermé, set for release in June

Favourite Souvenir “An old Pentax film camera I bought in Paris a few years ago. I still use it.”

What inspired your new album?
I went through some intense moments during my last tour, so when it ended, I was depressed and I started drinking. I even stopped writing music. Eventually, I realized that my writer’s block wasn’t normal. I stopped drinking and then everything came flooding back to me, and I decided that I had to put what I had been repressing into words.

Your last album, Roses, was bilingual. Why have you gone back to writing only in French?
My English sound is different, it’s more pop. And the themes that inspired my new album were more easily explored in French – they are very personal, and tinged with a kind of nostalgia that’s better expressed in my mother tongue.

How would you sum up your decade-long career?
I’ve spent a lot of time on airplanes between Europe, Canada and the States. But most of all, it’s been remarkable to see the people who have been listening to me since I started on Myspace at 17 grow up. I’m touched by their loyalty.

How do you pass the time on tour?
I play Pokémon on Nintendo DS. It helps me stay calm and sober when flying. And since I love tattoos, and even do a little tattooing myself, I’ll sometimes draw designs.

Where’s your favourite place to perform?
Montreal is always amazing, but every time I play in Toronto the audiences are so happy to see me. They have a different way of listening to French music – for many, it’s a language they were only taught at school. That’s a whole different vibe for me.