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Business Travel: Interview with Roopal Patel, fashion director of Saks Fifth Avenue.

Advice for the modern business traveller from the luxury retailer's fashion director.

Roopal Patel

After more than a decade working with companies like Bergdorf Goodman and Moda Operandi, Roopal Patel was sought out to be the fashion director of Saks Fifth Avenue. The luxury retailer (part of the Hudson’s Bay group since 2013) opened two stores in Toronto this year and has its sights set on Hawaii.

1. My go-to gadget is my GoPro. It always comes in handy if I book a last-minute surf session and want footage of it.

2. My eureka moment Realizing there was a whole fashion industry out there. That was while I was studying law. It was a leap of faith, and my life has never been the same.

3. Window or aisle? Aisle. I like to have the freedom to come and go.

4. The best place for a business lunch is Balthazar, in Manhattan. The lentils and trout is my go-to dish – with a side of fries.

5. My business mantra Follow your intuition. You can miss a great opportunity or the next big thing if you question that inner voice.

6. I always listen to my mother. I trust what she says because she explains things objectively.

7. In business, now is a good time to lead with your own vision, be different and take on new initiatives.

8. The biggest risk I ever took was choosing a career in fashion. Unless you’re a designer, there’s no clear career path. I didn’t know where I would end up.

9. In my carry-on you’ll find roll-on Ginger Flight Therapy oil by Aesop, and Yogi green tea.

10. What I had to learn on the fly To be versatile and go with the flow as directions in business change.



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